This game is totally awesome. It really opens up at the higher levels into something amazing. There's so much subtle depth here. I still don't know exactly how all the systems relate to each other, but that's ok, in fact, it's part of the fun, because unlike Between, where it felt like trying to figure out the obscure systems was the only gameplay, here I'm so enthralled by the moment to moment gameplay that I'm drawn into the obscure systems, sort of on a just-in-time, or on-needed basis, and this gradual learning is sweet. This is how the trick is meant to work, you earn my trust and then I follow you down into the darkness.

I mean, I still have just the vaguest feeling of "where I am" in your crazy system of insides and outsides, but it doesn't matter, and eventually I will. Meanwhile I am loving the full-on, eggs-out commitment to COMBINATORICS in this game. The level geometry, critter behavior, and bullet attributes work together in so many different ways to create so many genuinely interesting situations.

I was worried at first, because the early levels are a little awkward and stiff feeling, but once you get up there it really starts to sing.

--Frank Lantz, Creative Director of Zynga New York